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Convenient, Affordable, & Effective Internet Therapy. Counselive™  currently serves residents of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Minnesota. Please check back as more states are coming!

Learn More About Internet Therapy

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Learn More About Internet Therapy

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The lotus flower grows in muddy water and blooms from the murk symbolizing a new beginning. I understand that when life gets difficult it can become overwhelming. Let me help you through your difficulties toward a new beginning. As long as there is hope anything is possible.

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Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.

Tori Amos

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Your therapy on your time™ View available video session time slots that fit your schedule! **Counselive™ offers a FREE 20 minute consultation**  

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Online therapy is relatively new and very exciting. Getting to a therapist’s office for therapy can have great benefits; but sometimes it can be more private and cost and time saving to get on your computer to have online therapy via a secure live video session. Get internet counseling with ease from Counselive; it’s Your therapy on your time ™! Counslive offers low cost, effective internet therapy sessions via secure live video sessions with a licensed therapist. Counselive offers 50 minute internet therapy session billed at $85. Longer internet therapy sessions are prorated. Counselive offers a free, no obligation 20 minute video session consultation. Internet therapy works; and at Counselive we help our clients find the Hope in their lives and move toward a brighter tomorrow. Contact us to start your online therapy today!

If you are considering suicide or if you or someone else is in danger contact 911 immediately or call 1800-273-TALK- A 24 HOUR HOTLINE

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